Zambila Espresso Cup & Saucer


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The Zambila Espresso Cup has a sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously. When having light coffee with friends at your home, the best way to make them feel welcome is with a smile and a fun conversation. The Zambila Espresso Cup is that little touch that reminds your guests that you are a lively, fun host. When they come to your house, they have a good time, they are relaxed and leave with a smile on their face. Serve them some sweets with their coffee on the Zambila Dessert Plate to complete the look.

4 in stock

Color: White/Blue
Size: 130 x 20mm
Weight: 110 g
Material: Porcelain
Care Instructions: Handwash only, do not microwave
Item No: 070702BLW000001